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Ellipse IPL Hair Removal - Cost effective intense pulsed light hair removal by Ellipse

Ellipse IPL Hair Removal has come to Essex

Your specialist clinic: headed by Senior Beauty Therapist and Ellipse IPL expert Karen Warley is a private retreat offering the removal of unwanted hair putting an end to slow, messy and traditional painful methods of hair removal.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing and hair removal creams have been replaced by hair removal in a flash, Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash-lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes. Please watch the video for more detailed information.

“I’m very dark and even directly after shaving I have a shadow but after just one treatment I was smooth and shadow free. I have tried many so called hair removal systems with no success but I’m delighted and will definitely continue the course – thanks Karen” - Nicki B, Wickford

What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal?

In its simplest form, it is a way of saying short flashes of very bright light. Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash-lamp to treat specific skin conditions.

Intense Pulsed Light carefully controls the overall delivery of light which is precisely controlled by Ellipse’s built-in computer making it completely safe for different skin and hair types and it has a dual mode filtering system which removes all unnecessary and potentially harmful wavelengths. Treatment with IPL is not only more effective since it does not need any cooling – it is also safer since treatment requires less energy.

How does IPL work?

The Ellipse operator guides the light from the flash-lamp to the treatment area. The unique Ellipse IPL system carefully filters this light in two ways to ensure that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) is allowed to reach your skin.

Hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs the light and converts into heat. The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair. From the very first treatment the hair becomes less dense and regrown hair tends to be much finer and slightly less dark.

How many Ellipse treatments do I need?

Hair growth is cyclical, as hair follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only follicles in the growth phase contain hair and are destroyed by the heat. Resting hair follicles need to enter the growth phase before they can be effectively destroyed by the Ellipse treatment. That’s why it is necessary to repeat the treatment at intervals until all hair follicles have been through the growth phase. Usually 6 treatments are required 4 – 8 weeks apart.

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